Water fasts, a new concept for weight loss?

A link to an article on water fasts appeared on my computer and I was very intrigued indeed.  I almost did not want to read it because the concept was so accurate, and in several lifetimes, I would not have been allowed to make the claim.

Ultimately, I did succumb and happily found that the author, Reinoud Schuijers, did recognise the potential value of fasting for a number of serious health considerations.

His inclusion of fasting being able to promote life extension will however be a new concept for many people (you may be interested to Google Dr David Sinclair’s work at Harvard Medical School and watch his interviews on YouTube).

There is now a considerable respectable literature relating to the health benefits of calorie restriction.

The author is right.

Calorie restriction is an extremely good thing.

His thesis, however, relates to the problems associated with a WATER fast. We are generally aware that most religions promote fasting for variable periods, although not necessarily for health or longevity reasons. WATER is very essential for life and health, but in isolation, as with water fasts, it is not sufficient.

While he considers the implications of “idiots”, who try to extend the fasts, drowning out the potentially valuable benefits of calorie restriction, he does not appear to recognise that a prolonged period of supplemented fasting is entirely possible and safe. It is being routinely achieved through trained healthcare professionals and has been for decades.

The health benefits from a properly formulated Very Low Calorie Diet formulation, such as Lipotrim, have been well recognised. The Lipotrim formulas provide all of the necessary nutritional components for life and health in the minimum number of calories. It is essentially a supplemented fast and has been in use by many thousands of people for more than 30 years.

The Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Programme allows all the real benefits of calorie restriction without the limitations of a water fast.

A prolonged water fast is indeed idiotic, but with a proper nutritional modification fasting is much more valuable than a lot of people recognise.

For further advice on this subject and for support with your weight management (weight loss and/or weight maintenance) please contact us on 0800 413 735.

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