Will Lipotrim work for me? Do I need an individualised diet?

Asking if “Lipotrim will work for me?” is a very important question.

The clamour about individualising diets, citing how each person reacts differently to foods and drinks to the next person, makes this question all the more important to understand.

This article is a great example. It has tried to explain why diets don’t work through research using identical twins (please take the time to read it):

Even identical twins don’t react the same way to the same foods — which is why most diet advice doesn’t work


But is this really why most diets don’t work?

Firstly do medicines work if prescribed but not taken appropriately through non-compliance?

How about non-compliance and individual attitude or preference towards diets? This is going to have an impact on (perceived) effectiveness.

  • Do identical twins view the world the same?
  • Dress the same?
  • Drink identical drinks?

Identical twins are still individuals and yes will respond to foods slightly differently, just as there is variance across the whole population.

When it comes to weight loss, if you restrict the number of calories to just that required to maintain optimum nutrition intake you have a Very Low Calorie Diet.

Lipotrim achieves this at around 500 Calories per day.

Within a normal distribution curve a 500 calorie daily intake of full nutrition WILL WORK for everyone so long as the individual considers it, then starts it, then carries it through to reach their desired target weight.

We like to be individuals but making dieting individualised can seem like an over-complication of a simple premise.

Will Lipotrim work for you?

YES, but make sure you get the pharmacy support regularly (at least weekly) and work hard at sticking to the diet fully.

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