How do I follow Lipotrim re-feeding & maintain my weight?

Lipotrim re-feeding is the controlled re-introduction of conventional foods after losing weight successfully with the Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Programme.

In this audio you will understand why you must follow the Lipotrim re-feeding menu fully and correctly. There also follows a comprehensive look at the principles behind weight maintenance and the strategies to ensure you stand the best chance of maintaining your weight-loss.

If you liked what you heard in this audio on re-feeding after the Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Programme you should also read the information on the Lipotrim Maintenance Programme.

Lipotrim maintenance formulas and bars can be purchased through our participating pharmacies or via our online Lipotrim shop.


The Lipotrim Re-feeding Patient Literature

Patient Paperwork 3 of 3: Lipotrim Pharmacy Refeeding Information


Please click on this link (below) to download the full Lipotrim Re-feeding literature:

Lipotrim Pharmacy re-feeding information


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