Lipotrim advice for holidays and Christmas


It is important to note you are NOT being given permission to break your Lipotrim total food replacement diet. This advice applies to all holidays, religious or not, even Christmas.

If you choose to break your diet (and it really should be your choice), here are a few of the issues involved:

The Christmas season, as with many other holidays (religious or not) often presents a series of pressures to indulge in food and drink at considerably excessive levels. As a result, the weight regain consequences of a loss of control can be considerable.

Do you really want to prolong your diet on the formula for longer than necessary? Or even fail to reach your target?

Restarting the Lipotrim diet can be considerably more difficult than when you started Lipotrim for the first time. You have achieved a great deal and are now in danger of forgetting those difficult first few days. Remember it is you that has to be uncomfortable during the restart of the diet. Next time however, because of the success so far, your levels of determination, and possibly desperation, are likely to be much lower. This makes restarting much harder than you may be thinking.

If you plan to break the diet for Christmas, or any holiday, you must refeed appropriately.


Here are a few of the most important points to consider:

  1. Maintenance formula foods are designed to help you keep control while eating normal food. Have one or two Lipotrim maintenance formula foods daily during the tempting days of the holiday period.
  2. Try using two Lipotrim maintenance formulas each day plus a normal low fat, high protein meal for two weeks before attempting to restart. This should ease the transition back onto the Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Programme.
  3. Restart as soon as you can, making sure you don’t give into the temptation to delay “just another day”. Make sure you keep your regular appointments and never restart Lipotrim as a total replacement without seeking advice, even if you have a few leftover sachets.
  4. Alcohol blunts your resolve. Avoid excessive alcohol if at all possible.
  5. Keep in mind that the more sugars and high carbohydrate foods you eat, the more glycogen you will store, the more water weight you will regain and the harder the restart will be.
  6. It is very important to realise that the more fats and oils you eat, irrespective of the source of fat, the more real body fat you will have to take off after you restart your diet.
  7. Turkey and lean ham, for example, are high protein foods and may not make it quite as difficult to restart as high carbohydrate foods will. All foods will remind you what food tastes like and stimulate your desire to eat again, hence our advice to keep to the programme. Try to just eat some of the protein foods and ignore the fats and carbohydrates. Your capacity will not be very large after being on total food replacement for a prolonged period of time. You are likely to become very uncomfortable if you eat a very large meal.
  8. Christmas lunch prepared by following very low fat principles will have far fewer calories than the traditional counterpart. This applies to all meals, holidays or not.

Christmas will return again next year as will most holidays that could break your resolve. If you are able to reduce your weight, you stand a much greater chance of celebrating future Christmases and life events.

The choice is yours.  Make sure the choice really is yours.

No-one has the right to force you to eat or drink whether it is Christmas or not.

Contact Lipotrim today for more help and advice on 0800 413735 (UK) or 01525 5636 (ROI)

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