How much does Lipotrim cost?

Lipotrim is a weight management programme only offered through healthcare professionals, namely pharmacists and GPs.

Howard Foundation Research (HFR), the company behind Lipotrim, are not legally allowed to set a retail price that participating healthcare professionals charge.

Therefore, the Lipotrim cost to patients may differ from that recommended by HFR depending on what price each participating healthcare professional wishes to charge.

Currently, as of July 2019, the recommended retail prices are:

  • Total Food Replacement for Females – £45 per week*
  • Total Food Replacement for Males – £60 per week*

It is essential to note that the cost of the Lipotrim programme includes the invaluable advice and expertise of your supporting pharmacy and overseeing pharmacist.

If you would like clarification, or have any questions or concerns relating to the recommended retail price for Lipotrim please contact us or call 0800 413 735

*The Lipotrim formulation for both females and males are the same, except owing to a higher nutritional requirement, males receive more formula than females, hence males are charged more per week.

2 thoughts on “How much does Lipotrim cost?

  1. Hi

    I would like to know how much lipotrim is for the week as me and my two daughters would like to do it. What is the price the chemist should be charging?

    Kind regards


    1. The prices are as stated on our FAQ page:
      We are not legally allowed to set a price for participating pharmacies, only recommend one. To this end pharmacies are legally allowed to charge whichever price they deem appropriate.
      If you have further questions or need assistance please contact us

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