Does Lipotrim contain enough calories?


One of the most important features of the human body is the ability to store all but a few of our most essential nutrient needs. Fat is the major storage site for Calories.

In a seriously overweight individual, there are an enormous number of Calories in fat storage. The Calories stored in body fat reach astronomical numbers, about 49,000 Calories per stone.

The purpose of a diet is to reduce the number of stored fat Calories. The stored Calories are there to be used. Use them. The Calories you ate at lunch may never be used, and are certainly not used immediately.

In a person with large stores of fat Calories, there is really no lower limit to the number of Calories required in the diet, except for the Calories potentially supplied by the essential nutrients.

What do we need to eat?

We choose a variety of plants and animals in order to provide the 50 or so nutrients that are essential to keep us healthy. Unfortunately, the composition of any of these plants and animals are unique to them, so none of them, on their own, provide for all of our essential requirements. We have to eat a variety of foods in order to get enough of all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, essential fatty acids and even some carbohydrates for us to stay healthy.

The only choice for a single “food” that theoretically has all the nutrients that humans require is another human. Carrots make delicious eating, but they are carrots and not people. Fortunately, the foods we choose to eat are usually not other humans. Most modern societies frown on cannibalism.

When we eat enough variety of food choices we usually get the necessary nutrients. Pick enough of the wrong foods however, and even with a food excess there could still be nutrient deficiencies.

When we diet, it gets harder and harder to get enough of the essential nutrients as the amount of food is reduced. Eventually there comes a limit, when it is impossible to get enough of all essential nutrients, even with the ideal choices of foods. This limit happens to be 1200 Calories per day. Below 1200 Calories a day there is no combination of conventional foods that can provide enough of all our essential nutrients. Without enough of these nutrients, the body is compromised and, depending on which nutrients become lacking, there can be a wide variety of negative health consequences.

Losing weight is not benign.

An obese person has at least 3 stones of excess stored fat. This amounts to 147,000 Calories, enough to power most active women for at least 10 weeks. A dieter simply requires a complete source of nutrients, not another source of Calories.

Lipotrim, a modern Very Low Calorie, nutrient complete diet formula, provides all the essential nutrients in the necessary amounts to keep people healthy. The only reason the formulas have any Calories at all is because some of the nutrients, the amino acids, the fatty acids and the essential carbs all have caloric values. Of course, these must be provided, since they have other roles beside being a potential source of energy.

Lipotrim is a VLCD which provide dieters one of the healthiest and most nutritionally complete daily intakes possible.

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