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New Year resolutions 2021 - unnecessary diet failure

New year resolution – Unnecessary diet failure

Do you have a new year resolution to lose weight in 2021? If you are already worried about diet failure then this article is for you, and you are not alone. The UK weight loss industry is said to be worth around £2 billion. This is an unimaginable amount of money which is unfortunately a […]

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dieting options for the UK obesity problem - plan C

Overweight problem – here’s how to tackle obesity

The overweight problem in the UK is rising and now claimed to exceed 60% of the adult population. That, according to my calculator, is about 40 million people being either overweight or obese. The concern over the effect of being overweight is highlighted by a recent research paper published by Conor Stewart (January 2020): Strain […]

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Vital ways to stay healthy during Covid19 - Lipotrim UK pharmacy poster

New covid-19 lockdown rules & consequences of obesity

The new covid-19 lockdown rules are constantly and quite rightly hitting the headlines as we strive to reduce the true and potentially serious health risks this coronavirus offers each and every one of us. Increased coronavirus symptom severity and mortality has been proven to be closely linked to excess body weight and obesity. It is […]

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diet experts assess keto diet correctly and incorrectly

Keto diet ranked worst diet, why is Lipotrim different?

The keto diet is making headlines every week. The positive vibes that surround keto diets are compelling but is a high fat keto diet worth the fuss? To help answer this, an article by the Insider shows how a group of diet experts can be amazingly RIGHT and so unbelievably WRONG at the same time […]

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American professional footballers are often overweight

Why BMI? History, advantages & disadvantages of BMI

Recently we were asked “Why BMI?”. The importance of the question “Why BMI” reminded me of a similar philosophic discussion surrounding this shortest poem in the English language, by The American poet Eli Siegel: One Question I – Why? Such an elementary question is not easy to simply answer. The same can be said for […]

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pharmacists are experts in medicines and obesity - avoid fat-shaming

How to tackle rising obesity and avoid fat-shaming

  Fat-shaming is avoidable. Pharmacies across the UK have, for many years, demonstrated the ability to tackle the rising levels of obesity whilst maintaining a sympathetic and non-judgemental approach, which help avoid accusations of fat-shaming. This seems at odds with reports, such as on www.today.com, saying: Doctors are as guilty of fat-shaming people as everyone […]

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"Fat people" are not lazy and weak - Lipotrim - taking weight obesity seriously

Let fat people die to save NHS money, says Michael Buerk

Michael Buerk has waded in on the obesity crisis with a more than questionable viewpoint on the obesity crisis and who were described as “fat people” LINK Quoting from an article in The Times online: He said overweight people should be allowed to indulge if they wished, and that they were “weak, not ill”. Buerk, […]

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infographic - diabetes awareness month

Diabetes awareness month – impact on family & others

Diabetes awareness month is nearly over. World Diabetes Day, on 14th November, added its weight to the positive reflection and clamour about tackling diabetes by healthcare professionals and the public alike. The topic for the 2018 World Diabetes Day and diabetes awareness month was “Family and diabetes”. With the hashtags #WDD2018 #StrongerTogether #GoBlueForNovember the events […]

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Are all very low calorie diets the same? Hubert Figg Pharmacy inside - Lipotrim

Very Low Calorie Diets(VLCDs): Are they all the same?

Lipotrim vs other VLCDs It is not always clear whether very low calorie diets that are deemed, or claimed to be identical, deliver the same weight losses. Are all Very Low Calorie Diets the same and as safe as one another? Is Lipotrim just another one of many Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCDs)? What is […]

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NHS 70th anniversary - happy NHS birthday NHS

NHS birthday – Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

July 5th 2018 sees heralds the 70th NHS birthday. On July 5th 1948 Aneurin Bevan, the then health secretary, launched the NHS at Park Hospital in Manchester (now known as Trafford General Hospital). The NHS was, and still is, a flagship organisation. It brings healthcare professionals together, to provide free healthcare services at the point […]

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