Lipotrim shaker mixer cup – mix shakes easily


The Lipotrim shaker mixer cup helps make a smooth, great tasting shake every time. The 700ml capacity means it can be used to make up any of the Lipotrim formula foods at home, at work or on the go.


The Lipotrim shaker Mixer Cup is an ideal way to thoroughly mix all of the Lipotrim pharmacy Total food replacement programme formula foods and the Lipotrim maintenance programme products. It has a 700ml capacity and should only be used to mix cold liquids.

Lipotrim programme formula food mixing instructions using the Lipotrim shaker:

Female Lipotrim total food replacement programme – add approx 250ml water
Male Lipotrim total food replacement programme – add approx 450ml water
Lipotrim maintenance formula (Summer fruit and Orange Creme) – add approx 300ml water

The Lipotrim shaker is not suitable for shaking and mixing hot liquids.

If you are making the Lipotrim formula foods, with view to consuming them hot, you can use the shaker to mix the food cold. You then simply transfer to a suitable microwave, hob or oven-safe vessel to heat the smooth liquid.

The lid screws onto the Lipotrim shaker body, forming a watertight seal for safe and clean mixing of your Lipotrim formula foods whether at home, at work or on the go.

The Lipotrim shaker’s  snap-seal spout, can be used for either pouring or drinking the Lipotrim formula foods. It also contains a grid-like sieve which helps to aerate and filter the shakes. The Lipotrim shaker produces a fantastic tasting smooth shake every time.

Tip: People with a weight problem can benefit from using Lipotrim Weight Maintenance foods before breakfast and lunch, while those who do not have a serious weight problem may find that one a day is adequate.

The Lipotrim pharmacy total food replacement programme is strictly only available through pharmacies and other trained healthcare professionals. We do not recommend you purchase any of the Lipotrim products from anywhere except from Howard Foundation Research (maintenance foods only) or participating healthcare professionals who will stock or be able to order in all the Lipotrim programme formula foods (see UK and ROI websites for participating pharmacies).

Need advice? Please contact the Lipotrim team.

Live in ROI? Please visit the Lipotrim Ireland website


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