Lipotrim Maintenance Orange Creme drink mix x 7


The Lipotrim maintenance Orange Creme drink mix helps you lose weight or maintain your weight.

Sold in units of 7 Lipotrim maintenance Orange Creme drink mixes, when you purchase each unit there is enough to cover one mealtime for a whole week.

High nutrition and low GI they help you gain control of your hunger and calorie intake.

By preventing the snacking and food cravings usually associated with weight loss diets and weight management, the long term control of body weight is made much more possible.


Lipotrim Orange Creme – Maintenance Programme – Best Before 01/2023

The Lipotrim Maintenance Orange Creme drink mix, as well as the other products in the Lipotrim maintenance programme range, can help you.

Overweight and only want to shed a few pounds?

Would you like some extra help to maintain your current weight, after having completed the Lipotrim Pharmacy Programme?

The Lipotrim maintenance programme foods are low-calorie formulas and are used in conjunction with your normal ‘healthy’ low fat meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The number of Lipotrim maintenance foods, including the Orange Creme drink mix can be used flexibly to gain control of your food intake.

The Lipotrim Maintenance products are nutritious, low-calorie foods with a special high soluble fibre content. They are designed to help make you feel satisfied faster, so you eat lighter meals.

The Lipotrim Maintenance foods slow the absorption of sugars from the gut, therefore lowering the overall glycaemic index (the rate of increase in blood sugar levels and trigger for insulin) of the food consumed. The reduction of cravings for unnecessary food means you are far less likely to ‘snack’ between meal times.

They therefore help you to gain control of your weight.

Most benefit will be from consuming the Lipotrim Weight Maintenance before your normal meals. You can, however, include these foods as a part of your meal. The low GI, high fibre composition will help you reduce the amount you want to eat at your mealtime.

You can also use Lipotrim Weight Maintenance foods as snacks to eat between meals, to help reduce feelings of hunger.

The high nutrient content of the maintenance formulas provide you with the confidence that you will still be well nourished if you find yourself too full to eat much at the meal.

People with a weight problem can benefit from using Lipotrim Weight Maintenance foods before breakfast and lunch, possibly even introducing a third to gain more control.

People who do not have a serious weight problem may find that one a day is adequate.

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