Pharmacy has a weight loss solution for world’s fattest man

The “World’s fattest man” is begging for NHS help to save his life according to a current news item in the Mirror newspaper by Adam Aspinall.  He has already had a gastric bypass, the most drastic of weight loss surgeries available.

Worlds fattest man regained weight after bariatric surgery - gastric bypass

Although initially successful, reaching 19 stone from his original weight of 70 stone, the surgery was apparently not sufficient to prevent his weight regain (his weight is now 36 stone). A damning outcome for a weight management solution often hailed as “the last resort”. With further surgery required to rectify hernia and joint problems, even the gastric bypass itself, what other tools do the NHS have available to help?

In addition, he is begging because it is estimated that the costs will be about £100,000.  Further help from the NHS is unlikely.

There is help available and at no cost to the NHS.

According to the Mirror’s article, he clearly recognises that he is dealing with a food addiction.

Does the NHS even consider that such a thing exists?

It is highly likely that he has followed dietetic advice to “eat less and exercise more” which is obviously not an answer. It is doubtful that there are any further dietetic skills sufficient to help. Although not stated in the article, but very commonly reported, food addicted patients can experience addiction transfer following weight loss surgery.  Surgery for weight loss is not a panacea. Many long-term problems can follow.

If he, and others like him, really want to control food addiction and lose excess weight at a maximum safe rate, there is a UK weight management programme run by healthcare professionals that could be made available to him.

The gold standard way to deal with any addiction is to totally stop the substance of abuse. Weight loss surgery does not even begin to accomplish this, as is demonstrated by his case.  Food addiction really does exist, with considerable substantiating literature. For example, check the research publications and presentations of Dr Nora Volkow at the US National Institutes of Health.

A tobacco addict will not stop by cutting down or wavering with a crafty cigarette from time-to-time.  Evidence is accumulating that a switch to e-cigarettes may not be an answer either.  The best real solution is to stop entirely. This analogy stands up whether dealing with an alcoholic or opioid addict and therefore NO compromise can be possible with strict abstinence from food.  Even an occasional cheat and dieting failure is highly likely.

Essentially, control is maintained by not being able to eat any normal foods while being treated.

LIPOTRIM diet - Gold standard diet

It is not safe to totally stop the substance of abuse (food) for the many months necessary to fully deal with substantial weight problems and food addiction, without providing a complete source of essential nutrition that does not involve eating ordinary foods.

Lipotrim is a Total Food Replacement formula.  It was created specifically to provide for these needs.

This is what Lipotrim does. It supplies all the nutrients needed while allowing for total abstinence from normal foods. Obese people in the UK and Ireland have been accomplishing this with Lipotrim for more than 30 years and there is no reason that this individual cannot save himself now.  Lipotrim is available from dedicated health professionals, in pharmacies on the high street and some GPs.

In exceptional circumstances, such as this, the standard Lipotrim pharmacy protocol can be modified on a patient-by-patient basis with full co-ordination with other healthcare providers.

If he really wants weight management help, it is available.

You can read the full article, titled “World's fattest man begs NHS to save his life with £100k weight loss surgery” here:

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