Lipotrim pharmacy posters

Please find below the current range of Lipotrim pharmacy posters available either in digital form or as printed posters (different sizes and formats available on request).

Our Lipotrim team are here to help develop your Lipotrim pharmacy programme through training, ongoing support and marketing* all at no cost to the pharmacy.

It is important to keep your Lipotrim pharmacy programme visible to patients through effective use of our promotional materials, including the pharmacy posters. It is critical to actively engage with your patients rather than simply rely on your posters. Please do not used tired and tatty Lipotrim posters, they are free of charge so keep them fresh and up to date.

Contact the Lipotrim team for support, more information or to register interest in obtaining more posters.

*We offer free online and social media marketing. Any marketing activity we take in addition to our standard account package may be charged and only undertaken at the request and subsequent approval of the individual pharmacy account holder.

Standard Lipotrim pharmacy posters

Lipotrim shop posters - maximum rate weight loss
Lipotrim BMI chart
avoid the signs of type 2 diabetes with rapid weight loss - Lipotrim

Lipotrim pharmacy medical benefit posters

Lipotrim poster - pharmacy services poster NHS
Lipotrim pharmacy poster - life is not a game
Reverse Type 2 diabetes - Lipotrim pharmacy poster
Lipotrim poster gold standard pharmacy poster

Lipotrim Maintenance Programme posters

Lipotrim maintenance programme caramel bar poster

Lipotrim posters for additional products available

CoolCaps & Papermints Lipotrim poster for pharmacy shop window
Papermints Lipotrim poster for pharmacy shop window

Seasonal Lipotrim pharmacy posters

Lipotrim spring poster
Lose weight this springtime (Landscape) Lipotrim poster
Sparkle xmas poster portrait - Lipotrim pharmacy poster
Lipotrim UK summer essential poster
Sparkle this Christmas time - Lipotrim pharmacy poster
Get your ducks in a row - Lipotrim poster
Autumn leaf Lipotrim pharmacy poster portrait plus Lipotrim logo
Autumn leaf pharmacy Lipotrim poster - Lipotrim leaves landscape
Lipotrim winter poster (snow path)
UK Lipotrim pharmacy posters - Get your ducks in a row - non winter version

Additional Pharmacy Promotional Materials available

Lipotrim poster for GPs, gyms, etc - customised for your pharmacy

Lipotrim off-site poster - customisable with pharmacy details

Attach these A6 flyers on prescription bags to aid service promotion

Lipotrim prescription or bag-stuff A6 flyer

Lipotrim counter 3-fold leaflet - we customise it with your pharmacy details

Lipotrim leaflet 3-fold

Posters provided to pharmacies using the Online Patient Tracker

We are able to provide free banner stands or posters to those pharmacies logging their patient data onto our secure online "Lipotrim Patient Tracker" programme. Contact us to register your interest.

waistaway audit 2014 - Lipotrim posters
Windmill pharmacy poster - Lipotrim posters
Lipotrim posters - Mattock lane pharmacy posters
Prestwich pharmacy Lipotrim pharmacy posters
Lipotrim posters - New Park Pharmacy - pharmacy posters
New park Pharmacy Lipotrim poster
Lipotrim posters - ipf poster
Oakwood pharmacy Lipotrim poster
Lipotrim pharmacy posters - Murray chemist poster

The Lipotrim team are here to support you but we are also interested in what you think. We thrive on your feedback, whether you are a Lipotrim patient or a participating Lipotrim pharmacy.

Please send us your comments and we would love to hear your experience offering Lipotrim. Your review WILL inspire others to make a difference. Weight loss matters.

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