If insulin is still elevated after the glucose levels have been normalised we get hungry, we eat in response to hunger, and the cycle continues. Grazing, snacking and over-eating can become the norm, with body weight increasing or at best being maintained at an unhealthy level even if low fat principles are followed.

The Lipotrim maintenance programme  formula foods lower the glycaemic index of ALL the food recently consumed.

Their high soluble fibre content helps reduce the rate at which the sugars, from our food and drink consumption, are absorbed from our gut. The body responds by slowing the release of insulin. By controlling the insulin release we can dampen down the hunger levels between meals, helping prevent inevitable grazing and snacking.

Do not underestimate the role of insulin in the long-term desire to lose and maintain weight.

Weight loss and weight management can be much more than simple calorie counting and portion control (although they do play a part).

After following the Lipotrim total food replacement programme to lose substantial weight, it is essential to understand the Maintenance programme. For many there is a real necessity to use the maintenance foods for a while to tackle one of the most difficult aspects of diet and weight control; the relationship between insulin and hunger following a loss of weight.

The Lipotrim weight maintenance foods have been specially formulated so they provide high soluble fibre and a full range of nutrients in the form of a low glycaemic index food. The maintenance foods are designed to be used with traditional foods and help reduce hunger pangs whilst allowing for a normal active life. The nutrients assure that good nutrition is provided even with a reduced amount of food eaten.