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Worlds fattest man regained weight after bariatric surgery - gastric bypass

Pharmacy has a weight loss solution for world’s fattest man

The “World’s fattest man” is begging for NHS help to save his life according to a current news item in the Mirror newspaper by Adam Aspinall.  He has already had a gastric bypass, the most drastic of weight loss surgeries available. Although initially successful, reaching 19 stone from his original weight of 70 stone, the […]

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Success- a way forward from the 5 year pharmacy funding deal

Protected: The 5 year pharmacy funding deal – an opportunity?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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pharmacists are experts in medicines and obesity - avoid fat-shaming

How to tackle rising obesity and avoid fat-shaming

  Fat-shaming is avoidable. Pharmacies across the UK have, for many years, demonstrated the ability to tackle the rising levels of obesity whilst maintaining a sympathetic and non-judgemental approach, which help avoid accusations of fat-shaming. This seems at odds with reports, such as on, saying: Doctors are as guilty of fat-shaming people as everyone […]

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"Fat people" are not lazy and weak - Lipotrim - taking weight obesity seriously

Let fat people die to save NHS money, says Michael Buerk

Michael Buerk has waded in on the obesity crisis with a more than questionable viewpoint on the obesity crisis and who were described as “fat people” LINK Quoting from an article in The Times online: He said overweight people should be allowed to indulge if they wished, and that they were “weak, not ill”. Buerk, […]

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diet choice questions

Diet choice – Pharmacy cares for your safety and success

How do you select your diet choice? Having stumbled across a website for weight loss using a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). It is of real concern that this on-line diet company is promoting itself as a much better alternative than their perceived competitors, including Lipotrim, a Gold Standard Diet. What concerned me was their […]

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DNP diet pills affect mitochondria in human cells

DNP Diet pill deaths – Lipotrim predicted the future

DNP diet pill deaths are covered in “the PHARMACEUTICAL JOURNAL” June 2019 (VOL 302 NO 7926) Feature Article, titled: DNP: The dangerous diet pill pharmacists should know about   This is very important news for pharmacy and all healthcare professionals. What is DNP?    DNP, which is the short name for 2,4-dinitrophenol, is related to […]

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Action is needed now to treat obesity

Lipotrim helps pharmacy treat obesity with confidence

To effectively treat obesity it essential the conversation about excess weight is instigated either by a healthcare professional or the patient themselves. Obesity levels are rising at an alarming rate, causing an epidemic of obesity-related ill health. From high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes, to erectile dysfunction and increased cancer risk, obesity is implicated […]

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C&D Awards - we are finalists

C&D Awards 2019 – a huge success for pharmacy

A week has now passed since the C&D Awards 2019. At Howard Foundation Research, we would like to say a massive congratulations to all those pharmacies, pharmacists, Pre-regs and staff who were shortlisted in the recent C&D Awards 2019. It looks like the evening was a huge success and a great celebration of the positive […]

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LIPOTRIM diet - Gold standard diet

Gold standard diet – Lipotrim the best diet?

Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCDs) are the Gold Standard for weight loss and Lipotrim is Arguably the VLCD Gold Standard.   “Gold standard”, according to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, is: “an acknowledged measure of comparison of the superior effectiveness or value of a particular medication or other therapy as compared with that of other drugs or […]

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Waistaway abstract poster - Obesity Update 2019 - Lipotrim results for National Diabetes Prevention week 2019

Diabetes Prevention Week – Pharmacy

National Diabetes Prevention Week – Pharmacy can help The National Diabetes Prevention Week, by Public Health England, runs from April 1st to April 7th 2019 with the overall aim to: Raise awareness of the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme. The campaign is designed to engage with the public and healthcare professionals, specifically GPs, Practice […]

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