Is rapid weight loss safe? Covid-19 vaccine helps explain

Rapid weight loss is often criticised. It is not hard to find so called “experts” who dismiss quick weight loss, ignoring its proven medical value.

Rapid weight loss has an exemplary health and safety record stretching back decades and researched even longer.

The NHS is finally catching up and trialling the use of Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCDs – aka rapid and safe weight loss) as a treatment for type 2 diabetes.

So why the issue with the diet speed?

Are you afraid to eat foods cooked in a microwave oven?

Do you travel in a car or aircraft rather than horse and cart?

Do you use a computer rather than a typewriter?

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There are times when new science can provide benefits.

Development of a new covid vaccine is based upon RNA science, a discipline that did not even exist a short while ago.  Praise is due for the sciences that are now saving lives.  Rapid weight loss will modify the dangers of many life-threatening diseases. COVID19 is only one of a great many medical conditions that will benefit from quick weight loss.

Recently though, we have seen alarm at the rapidly produced and approved Covid-19 vaccine. Examples from the media include:

It has taken less than a year to go from the first case of Covid-19 to the first vaccination in the UK. This is a medical masterstroke, but inevitably under question just because of the rapid vaccine roll-out.

In the fight against the current coronavirus pandemic, as with our rising obesity epidemic, we ultimately want to save as many lives as possible. It is wonderful if we can achieve success quickly.

We must admit there could be a smidgen of selfishness in our collective demands to find an answer to our Covid-induced suppression of traditional civil liberties. The cyclical lock-down and tier systems are taking an incredibly harsh toll on our economy and mental health.  However, it is saving lives that is top priority.

Surely, a viable Covid vaccine could not come quickly enough.

Why the distrust for doing things quickly?

It seems there is scepticism surrounding efficiency. We presume corners must be being cut and quality sacrificed.  This is not always the case.

Ever since the pandemic emerged, way back in early 2020, a race for a coronavirus vaccine started. Every facet of the medical profession, governments and regulators all began pulling in the same direction. The usual barriers to success; red-tape, apathy and bureaucracy have been thankfully reduced in the name of medical progress.

The following article penned by a self-confessed “clinical trials geek” is a must read. He eloquently explains and reassures as to why it is not necessary to distrust the new covid-19 vaccines, simply due to their timely approval….

The take-away message surely is that “Ten years to develop a vaccine is a bad thing”.

It is our misinterpretation of risk according to time that is fundamentally wrong.

If instead we waited 10 years for a covid-19 vaccine, many more millions of people would die unnecessarily.

It is that simple.

Hour-glass - Rapid weight loss can save lives

So, is rapid weight loss safe too?

It is easy to demonstrate that rapid weight loss is not only safe, but safer, with better medical outcomes and more reliable results that traditional SLOW weight loss diets.

We know this is a cliché, but weight loss is a journey from a starting weight above a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) to a finishing weight, ideally within a healthy BMI (read more about BMI here). To do this healthily the body needs a few things; complete nutrition and adequate hydration. It does NOT need additional calories.

If we consider an individual with a single stone of excess weight (or 6.35kg in metric). At an approximate ratio of 3500 Calories per pound weight of body fat, this individual will be carrying a massive 49,000 more Calories than they need.

These extra calories are carried in the form of body fat. It is critical to emphasize that the very last thing a dieter needs is even more calories, other than those needed as part of the chemistry of the essential nutrients.

With traditional methods of dieting extoling a goal in the region of 1lb a week weight loss as safe, a single stone could conceivably take 14 weeks to achieve. In the real-world, lifestyle usually elongates the time dieting even more.

Individuals carrying multiple stones of excess weight, therefore, are likely to expect to be in for a long traditional weight loss journey of many weeks, even months or years. The rapid increases in overweight affecting over 60% of UK adults, despite traditional mantras, clearly demonstrates these approaches rarely work. Must we treat those suffering from obesity this way?

For safe weight loss, just as with the call for an unnecessary elongation of time taken to develop a covid-19 vaccine, a diet’s duration is irrelevant, so long as health and safety (essential nutrition) can be guaranteed. When consuming fewer calories of only conventional foods, with traditional dieting, this nutrition guarantee becomes very questionable indeed.

Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCDs) offer the chance to vastly decrease the time taken to lose weight without compromising essential nutrition. Contrary to many reports, proper VLCDs contain ALL the essential nutrition in the minimum number of calories which supports healthy, safe and rapid weight loss.  For the sake of health, please select your diet carefully, as not all VLCDs are equivalent.

Finally, we must consider the facts. Obesity and excess weight contribute to many potentially avoidable morbidities, such as type 2 diabetes and some cancers, high blood pressure, even neurological diseases. Weight loss absolutely matters, and we must not wait.

Vaccine development is no different in many ways to rapid weight loss. The determination to extend the processes involved, bares no relation to supporting our health and safety. In fact, by not acting quickly we ultimately risk unnecessary morbidity and even mortality.

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