Guaranteed weight loss? Pharmacy support holds the key

Weight loss is not always easy, but you’ll not be hard pressed to find a diet offering guaranteed weight loss.

Interestingly, claims of “losing weight forever” are also unrestrained. These are bold claims and, enticing as they are, will likely be rather dubious and must be questioned vigorously.

Man thinking - Always question guaranteed weight loss claims

There are so many diets on the market, from Slimming World and Noom, to the newspapers, magazines and the water fast diet. You may see such diets offering a guaranteed weight loss. Even if a diet produces meaningful weight loss (evidence often suggests otherwise), their diet results will nevertheless vary wildly owing to their advocating different approaches to which foods are allowed, and which are not, etc.

Lipotrim is a special very low calorie diet (VLCD), a gold standard diet you can depend upon:

  • optimal dietary intake of essential nutrition
  • maximum rate of weight loss
  • supervision by a trained healthcare professional (pharmacist or GP)
  • science based weight maintenance programme

What is common to all diets, Lipotrim included, is that ensuring diet compliance is difficult. Compliance is what is necessary for a diet to work. If a dieter fails to follow their diet plan, diet success is unlikely.

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic is potentially having a huge negative impact on weight loss success through a reduction in diet compliance.

Pre Covid-19 compliance produced as near to guaranteed weight loss as possible

For more than 35 years, people using the Lipotrim pharmacy weight management programme have had excellent documented results as you can see in the following links:

Lipotrim dieters need to use some initial willpower until the ketones take control. It takes about a week for ketosis to be established. The resulting highly beneficial reduction in hunger levels are maintained so long as the diet is strictly followed. It is often reported that the longer the dieter maintains compliance, the easier the dieting becomes.

This is no different to the effect of continued abstinence when quitting smoking. Lipotrim effectively treats the excess weight as a food addiction, meaning the first few weeks pose the most danger to achieving desired diet success.

To balance the real-world need for a non-authoritarian approach and the need to optimise compliance, weekly monitoring and diet formula supply is ingrained in Lipotrim’s standard operating procedures.

Pharmacy training draws on the lessons learnt from Lipotrim’s research, before the programme was even allowed to be offered through GPs and then pharmacists. Our historical protocols required daily visits and diet compliance was extremely high. As the timescale between visits were extended for the real world outside of the research lab, the compliance levels slowly dropped.

Pharmacies are therefore recommended to maintain additional good communication, above that of the weekly monitoring, at least throughout the first few weeks to optimise diet compliance.

Compliance and potential for guaranteed weight loss during the covid-19 pandemic


The pandemic has brought the world lockdowns and long-term social distancing. The knock-on effect has been a much-publicised reduction in face-to-face interactions with healthcare professionals, namely GPs. Pharmacies have stood tall and taken up the slack but sometimes to the detriment of their extended services, such as Lipotrim.

Our choice to temporarily allow pharmacies to supply more than a week of diet (at their clinical discretion), and our assisting other Lipotrim dieters who are unable to source the programme locally with a direct supply was decisive, but not taken lightly.

We understand that compliance could be negatively affected and even worse, no healthcare expert was closely continuously monitoring the dieter’s bed - obesity increases covid risks

But remember, obesity plays a big role in the severity of covid-19 symptoms and outcomes.

Rapid weight loss matters more than ever before.

With the temporary Lipotrim pandemic protocol in place, the diet remains just as highly effective as before, but it has inherently become more challenging for our dieters to maintain compliance during these most difficult of times.

Whether people name overeating as an addiction or not, the drive to eat uses the same neural pathways as other addictions. Don’t be fooled, an occasional cheat on a diet often has the same result as a drink for a recovered alcoholic or a smoke to a recovered smoker.

Occasional cheats can be denied to other people, but unfortunately not from the diet.  The diet will know. A loss of ketones results in a reduced rate of weight loss, or even worse still, a weight gain. A seemingly innocuous cheat can easily and quickly contribute to dieting failure.

We understand ordering online is easier, but face-to-face monitoring and support is often critical to diet compliance and real success.

Going forward

Zoom or telephone consultations are becoming more normalised in healthcare which may help for now, but whilst these are acceptable methods of conducting consultations it is necessary to decide which is most appropriate for you.

Pharmacy is still open as normal during the pandemic

If your local Lipotrim pharmacy is still suspending their extra services, please ask them to reconsider.

The opportunity to communicate with a healthcare professional, a Lipotrim pharmacist, who is monitoring your progress with expertise and support is invaluable to you. In fact, private pharmacy services are proving invaluable to pharmacy business too.

If your pharmacy has resumed providing their services, thank them and you will benefit considerably.

Travelling may be difficult but remember it is the weight loss result that is important. The first few weeks on Lipotrim are the most important when it comes to monitoring and support. This is when the dieter establishes ketosis and control over food, people, places etc.

We cannot offer guaranteed weight loss, but we understand how you can achieve it.

Your compliance is your weight loss guarantee.

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