Gold standard diet – Lipotrim the best diet?

Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCDs) are the Gold Standard for weight loss and Lipotrim is Arguably the VLCD Gold Standard.


"Gold standard”, according to Mosby's Medical Dictionary, is:

“an acknowledged measure of comparison of the superior effectiveness or value of a particular medication or other therapy as compared with that of other drugs or treatments.”

Number 1 diet - Lipotrim - Gold standard diet

Acknowledgement of Lipotrim

as the gold standard diet

A quick online search for Lipotrim throws up a plethora of results from many commercial diets who are directly referencing and comparing their diet to Lipotrim.

Lipotrim diet comparison website search

The acknowledgement and regular referencing of Lipotrim for any of these promotional purposes surely recognises Lipotrim as the Gold standard very low calorie diet.

Lipotrim has seen the rise of many diet competitors over the 30+ years since its inception. Most of these diets have disappeared, often as quickly as they arrived.  To date, most people’s attempts at weight management, have been considered relatively futile. Offering a credible diet programme that stands the test of time, it seems, is near impossible. But the longevity and success of Lipotrim demonstrates this is not quite true.

Diet programmes often change their formulation or dieting rules hoping to maintain the interest of dieters and therefore commercial viability. Their rules come and go, because ultimately the rules being applied are often flawed. An egg is still an egg irrespective of the decade it was laid. Forbidding a food today that was permitted last year implies that last year’s diet plan was not so successful.

Diet plans come and go.

Almost any diet can cause stored glycogen to be used in the first few days, often with impressive weight losses from dumping massive amount of bound water. You will have come across all the claims to lose “7 pounds of weight in a week”.  This is neither fat loss or permanent.  Overweight people want true weight loss, not confusion.

Superior Effectiveness of Lipotrim

Lipotrim has proven to be safe and effective for over 30 years. Lipotrim really works.


Diet formulation

Reducing the amount of food and restricting food choices makes nutritional adequacy difficult or even impossible.  This can be extremely unhealthy.

The Lipotrim formulation is specifically designed to deliver the full amount of essential nutrition. This should be a fundamental requirement of any diet.

Lipotrim does so in the minimum number of calories. It is the Gold Standard.

Juicing - fruit smoothie as only food not a wise choice - Lipotrim gold standard diet

Trying to live only on an intake of a fruit juice smoothie or a yoghurt to lose weight might be very low in calories but is not a wise choice, due to not getting all the nutrients the body requires. Real weight loss has health consequences.

The designation Very Low Calorie Diet (or Very Low Energy Diet) is now defined by European Directives as a formula diet with a daily calorie intake below 800 calories.  There are strict nutrient requirements since the formulations are intended as the entire daily food intake.  They are therefore different from formulas intended as meal replacements which are intended to be supplemented with some additional foods. Totally nutrient complete for total food replacement, Lipotrim is once again the Gold Standard.

At around 425 to 570 calories per day (depending on gender), for those following the Lipotrim programme, the dieter will lose weight at the maximum safe rate of around a stone a month. With most diets having a much greater daily calorie intake of 800 calories or more, the rate of weight loss will be slower and most are not true VLCDs.

Any intake of calories above that required to deliver essential nutrients is unnecessary and fails to understand the biological role of excess weight. Body fat is a storage of calories for times when food is scarce eg famine. The entire function of a weight reduction diet is to restore body composition to normal physiological levels. This is best achieved by the formula composition of Lipotrim.

Diet regimen

Food abstinence empowers the dieter to gain control of eating behaviour whilst losing weight at the maximum safe rate.

Food abstinence for a dieter is as critical as cigarette abstinence to enable a smoker to quit.

Dieting is like stopping smoking - food abstinence works - Lipotrim gold standard diet
Why treat weight loss differently?

Unfortunately, total food abstinence is not possible because about 50 nutrients are an absolute necessity to maintain life and health. Since some of these nutrients supply calories, there is always a minimum calorie supply associated with delivering the proper supply of essential nutrients.

The choice of only a minimal variety of specially designed formula foods is the closest approximation of food abstinence we can safely get. Any additional flavours, meals or snacks beyond that allowed with Lipotrim will only serve to destabilise the benefits of abstinence, creating the potential for diet failure. VLCDs allowing any conventional food intake demonstrates ignorance of the required physiology needed for tackling deep-seated behavioural food issues.

Palate retraining and a complete re-evaluation of old, often ingrained food behaviours, are critical benefits that help establish a platform for long-term weight maintenance.

Value of Lipotrim

The Lipotrim diet programme is different, possibly unique.

Howard Foundation Research, the supplier of the Lipotrim protocols and formulas to the participating healthcare professionals, is run by Registered Nutritional Biochemist; Dr Stephen Kreitzman Ph.D, R.Nutr. and Valerie Beeson who are both much published research scientists. Their credentials, supporting the notion of Lipotrim as the Gold standard diet, are there to be seen.

The Greatly Added Value of Lipotrim Healthcare Professionals

Lipotrim is only available through healthcare professionals, mainly pharmacists and GPs, fully trained in weight management. They are certified to have advanced understanding of the physiological and nutritional principles necessary to assist with safe weight loss and long-term weight management.

This network of dedicated healthcare professionals, independent of Lipotrim for their business stability, ensure the safe delivery of maximum rate weight losses. Patients carrying excess weight, from hypertensives to type 2 diabetics, must have healthcare supervision to ensure both safety and weight loss results. The Lipotrim programme incorporates this as standard, with direct weekly patient contact an essential part of the programme.

Why else do diets need to display the small print?

"You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other weight loss program to determine if it is right for your needs."

Value of Lipotrim – Price

  • It is not difficult to throw some nutrients in a sachet and call it a diet.
  • It is easy to package a diet ready to gather dust on a supermarket shelf.
  • Easier still is to sell a diet exclusively online.


These actions may be cheaper and take less time to prefect, but does this offer value? What about safety?

It is often seen, whether in the world of business or even healthcare, the “Gold Standard” offers a premium service. Gold Standard gives value. The highest value is what the discerning customer looks for above all, not the lowest price.

Lipotrim is often compared on the basis of price per formula. Yes, there are cheaper diets out there, but as we have discussed, there are very important success and health-related reasons why Lipotrim is the Gold Standard.

What really sets Lipotrim far apart in terms of safety and efficacy is the role of a healthcare professionals giving direct time, support and monitoring of the weight losses programme.

Health and wellbeing are invaluable. Proven results are invaluable.  What price do you put on getting a safe, healthy weight loss?

Food costs money. Food costs money - Lipotrim is value for money diet


Carrying excess weight is a visible clue as to a person’s investment in calorie £s.

Lipotrim, at RRP, works out at around £2 per meal. With no other outlay on food necessary, or even permitted, this makes Lipotrim competitive on price and value for money.

  • Pennies can be shaved off the price of a diet but at what cost?
  • What is being compromised to save a few pennies?
  • What corners are potentially being cut in ingredient quality?


Price is secondary in importance to the expertise guiding you whilst dieting. Frequent support of the dieter has been shown to be essential for successful weight management.  Dealing with weight loss without support is very rarely successful.

Regular one-to-one healthcare professional support as standard and their ability to liaise immediately with healthcare professionals such as GPs is unlikely to be available when purchasing a “faceless diet” with no pedigree or real evidence. Paid celebrity endorsements can be very misleading.

If Lipotrim is not the gold standard diet,

what diet is?

It is possible to answer this question by truthfully answering the following:

  • Which diet is constantly being used as a comparison tool on other commercial diet websites?
  • Which diet contains full nutrition at the optimal 425 to 570 Calories per day?
  • Which diet upholds true food abstinence?
  • Which diet gives very predictable, maximum rate weight losses, and can prove it?
  • Which diet incorporates regular, direct healthcare professional contact as standard?
  • Which diet maintains value for money in a world of “facelessness”?
LIPOTRIM diet - Gold standard diet

Lipotrim is proud to be the weight management Gold Standard for healthcare professionals and the public alike, as it has been for more than 30 years.

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4 thoughts on “Gold standard diet – Lipotrim the best diet?

  1. Can I take powdered colergan peptides when taking lipotrim

    1. No, any additional foodstuffs or supplements can disrupt ketosis, leading to increased hunger, reduced comfort and the potential for diet failure. The formulas are nutritionally complete so you do not need additional peptides of any description

  2. Can I continue to take colegan peptides while doing total replacement lipotrim

    1. No, any additional foodstuffs or supplements can disrupt ketosis, leading to increased hunger, reduced comfort and the potential for diet failure. The formulas are nutritionally complete so you do not need additional peptides of any description

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