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Your intake of the correct drinks and beverages is a critical part of the Lipotrim programme and the maintaining of ketosis. Drinking only the allowed beverages and maintaining adequate hydration can make a huge difference to your diet success or otherwise.

Do not use the Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Programme without consuming at least 2 Litres (approx 4 Pints) per day.

DO NOT exceed more than 4 Litres (8 Pints) per day.

Water must be consumed in small, frequent servings throughout the day. You may find a straw or sports bottle helpful for sipping water.


When using Lipotrim Total Food Replacement only the following drinks & beverages are permitted:

  • Tap water
  • Bottled water – plain still and carbonated are ok (NO flavoured water, or zero cal drinks, squash or fruit smoothies)
  • Coffee -black only, with or without caffeine (as per your usual choice).  Coffee with added flavours are NOT allowed.
  • Tea – black only (no milk, whitener) can be ordinary teas (in a tea bag or loose tea) including Earl Grey, Herbal teas that are pure leaf (ie NO fruit teas, flower, berries etc)

 HINT: you may add a fresh mint leaf or basil leaf in your water to add flavour.



Tablet artificial sweeteners are permitted but NOT the spoonable options.

NO lemon (or any fruit) can be added, whether water or tea.

NO alcohol is allowed

NO OTHER BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED – if unsure please contact us


This is an exert from the official Lipotrim patient literature regarding hydration and allowed drinks and beverages:

In addition to the water used to mix your diet, you must drink at least four pints (about 2 litres) of water each day, but no more than 8 pints (about 4 litres). See your carrier bag for information on how to make up the Lipotrim formula and for the list of permitted drinks. The foods we normally eat are made up of large amounts of water. You will not be getting an adequate amount of water unless you purposely drink it. It is advisable to drink a glass of water before and after each Lipotrim serving. Drinking should be frequent throughout the day, little and often, not all at once. Do not change your usual consumption of caffeine beverages. If you need a sweetener use tablets, not spoonable powders which contain sugar in some form or other to make them spoonable. It is very important for your comfort to drink plenty of fluid.

Live in the Republic of Ireland? Click here to go to the Lipotrim Ireland website FAQs.

    • No, the addition of any foods and/or drinks to that allowed can disrupt ketosis, leading to increased hunger, reduced comfort and the potential for diet failure. We recommend paracetamol and to monitor your fluid intake

    • We do not advise the use of supplements etc as they may disrupt the ketones This applies to electrolytes (unless prescribed by your Doctor). The Lipotrim formulas are nutritionally complete. It may be that you require more hydration.

    • We do not recommend using this type of tea owing to the many variations of ingredients across the brands, often including fennel seed (not allowed) as an ingredient amongst others.
      Fennel leaf tea is allowed.
      For constipation or to maintain bowel regularity please speak with your supervising pharmacist for the most appropriate option or call our helpline 0800 413 735 and our team will be more than happy to advise you.

    • Thank you for the question. During the total food replacement and refeeding stages the programme specifies no alcohol at all. Once the maintenance phase has been reached a modicum of alcohol is allowed although not recommended. Please visit our total food replacement page and listen to the audio file for more information on alcohol and the refeeding/maintenance phases.

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