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Lipotrim is a weight management programme offered only by healthcare professionals such as GPs and pharmacies.
The Lipotrim programme consists of three phases:

Phase 1 – Weight loss using the Lipotrim Total food replacement formula foods
Phase 2 – Refeeding
Phase 3 – Weight maintenance

Phase 1 – Total Food Replacement

In the first phase of Lipotrim the individual uses specially formulated, nutritionally complete foods supplied by the healthcare professional which are designed to deliver optimal nutrition in the minimum number of calories. Weight losses are predictable and in the region of 1 stone a month for women and 1.5 stone a month for men*. The individuals are allowed to consume water, black tea and black coffee only. The individual will be in a mild dietary ketosis for the duration of the weight loss phase, essentially for as long as weight loss is required, and it is the ketosis which allows the patient to experience a lack of hunger. They will be energetic, healthy and comfortable. The individual could be following this phase for quite a number of weeks and possibly months, depending on the weight loss need, and so it is important for full compliance. The healthcare professional will be directing, motivating and educating the individual throughout this time on a weekly basis.

Phase 2 – Refeeding

The refeeding phase of Lipotrim is critical. The individual has lost a considerable amount of weight quite quickly and when target weight has been reached it is then time to reintroduce conventional foods. This reintroduction is a week long and involves the slow move away from low calorie formula foods to a more conventional diet. Refeeding results in the weight being kept stable whilst food is reintroduced, the patient also has the opportunity to consume conventional food in a controlled manner. Any possible initial concerns over weight re-gain and loss of control after weight loss are addressed here.


Phase 3 – Weight maintenance

Weight maintenance is difficult for many people because it is over such a long time. The individual will have lost weight comfortably and quickly using the total food replacement Lipotrim foods but now they are expected to maintain their weight loss. The healthcare professional, especially pharmacies, will be in a position to offer long term weight management help and advice. This could be in the form of regular, scheduled weight checks with the option of using the Lipotrim weight maintenance formula foods. Using this offer of long term help is essential if there is to be truly long term weight maintenance.

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