Feedback – Lipotrim reviews

Feedback - Lipotrim Reviews


We are proud to have helped many people over the years to lose weight, and gain long term control over their weight.

Please take the time to read through the following reviews, testimonials and feedback from Lipotrim clients, and from the pharmacies who are integral to the Lipotrim Pharmacy Weight Management Programme.

We invite you to send in your weight management story so others can benefit from your Lipotrim weight loss experience.

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The Lipotrim team

    I've lost a stone! Goal achieved.
    Starting weight of 11st 3lbs and I am now 10st 3lbs.

    It took me 9 weeks to reach 10st 5lbs and my weight plateaued for 2-3 weeks, then suddenly last weekend the scales shifted to 10st 3lbs. I was so chuffed.

    Thank you again to Gareth at Waistaway/Lipotrim for his support and advice.

    I will remain in touch with Gareth as if my weight creeps back on, I now know what to do!

    Maintenance is key so I am using myfitnesspal to monitor calorie intake but allowing myself treats such as a homemade blueberry muffin. The toughest will be staying off my ultimate weakness, cheese on toast with Worcestershire sauce! I'm exercising more and achieving close to 10k steps per day.

    Justine Fitzpatrick Lipotrim & Waistaway review on Trustpilot

    having done just over 2 weeks on the lipotrim TFR programme I am confused as to how the science works.

    On a couple of days I have skipped a shake and replaced it with a boiled egg or a piece of cheese.

    I dont understand how that can lead to a 1 pound weight gain the next day?

    I have kept the calorie intake the same as had it been a shake and have had zero carbs..

    Does this mean that all weight loss so far is destined to go back on..

    Jon Lipotrim UK review on Trustpilot

    Lipotrim response:

    Thank you Jon for the review. Sorry to hear you have struggled.

    We ask everyone to watch the Lipotrim Patient Education Video before they start the diet. This contains detailed information on the programme and the science behind it. Knowledge is key to success as is demonstrated here.

    To answer your issues...

    Please visit our total food replacement of our website to watch the video.
    This is a total food replacement programme meaning you cannot skip a shake and/or substitute conventional foods. This is the fundamental foundation of the diet.
    The programme and weight loss itself is not purely down to calories, nutrition being an integral part. There is a distinct difference between a Lipotrim formula, some cheese and an egg, and how your body would respond. They all contain some carbohydrate (you may like to read our blog on the levels of sugar in Lipotrim).

    Going forward...

    Please watch the Patient Education Video and restart the programme. Maintain full compliance so you establish a mild dietary ketosis which will sustain diminished hunger levels, maintain comfort and a predicable 1.5 stone a month rate of weight loss.

    If you require support and advice please contact us on +44 (0) 1223 812 812

    I have been on lipotrim now for 4 weeks. I am so pleased & have now lost 21lb.

    If you stick at it it has great results, I feel so much healthier.

    Mrs Chris Kelly Lipotrim UK review on Trustpilot

    I did the Lipotrim diet in 2018 and lost roughly 3 and half stone in about 2 months. It does what it says on the tin, if you follow the guidelines you will lose weight at a rapid rate. I have just ordered some more as I have started putting weight back on since the first lockdown. I ordered direct from their website and it was delivered the next working day.

    In short, if you are committed to losing weight, Lipotrim will do it faster than any other diet. Its simple to follow and I have found that you don't really feel hungry, though don't expect the cravings to go as they are more mental than physical.

    I have gone for shakes and flapjacks this time and looking forward to seeing the quick results! thank you Lipotrim!

    Jay Lipotrim UK diet review on Trustpilot

    Anne Dowlingfelt great

    Today was my first week on lipotrim. I was very disappointed with my weight loss of 3 lbs I know it's 3 lbs but I am drinking my 4 liters of water a day 2 still and 2 sparkling .

    Stuck it out and felt great .No headache and I am a signes suffer and with the weather lately I had it bad the last mt .No joking my signes has clear up in the one week .

    Just a question does it make a difference with mouth wash. I was using the green listeria for teeth and gums .💖💖

    Anne Dowling Lipotrim UK Trustpilot review

    In 4 weeks I have lost 13.5kg - 29.75lb.

    You MUST STICK rigidly to the instructions and drink plenty of water, this really helps in the process,

    I found sparkling plain water more enjoyable. Also, as other say, space out your shakes to suit your day.

    My son has also followed this programme and lost 19kg in 6 weeks.

    Thoroughly reccommed if you are determined to lose weight.

    Janet Parkin Trustpilot review for Lipotrim UK

    Justine FitzpatrickGreat support and advice

    Update on Lipotrim journey...starting weight 11st 2lbs; current weight 10st 9lbs after three weeks. I'll continue with Lipotrim for another month when hopefully I will be near my target weight of 10st 1lbs or 10st 2lbs. Great support and advice from Gareth, my local pharmacist. Thank you.

    Justine Fitzpatrick Lipotrim UK Trustpilot review

    I've a stone to lose, starting at 11st 2 and I am now 10st 12lbs in 10 days. The first 4 days are tough, I was snappy and there seemed to be endless food adverts in magazines and on the TV which didn't help!

    10 days in to the diet and it's much easier. 2 shakes during the day followed by a small but healthy homemade dinner. I can even enjoy a small G&T a few times a week.

    Gareth (local Pharmacist) is supportive and I'm looking forward to reaching my goal weight of 10 stone.

    Thank you Justine for the 5 star diet review. Indeed, the longer you maintain fully compliant on the total food replacement (no conventional foods whatsoever) the easier it gets. We strongly recommend completing the loss of excess weight using total replacement without deviation. Moving onto the maintenance programme, incorporating conventional foods, after the weight loss and refeeding will help maintain weight and offer the chance for minor weight adjustment. Remember our helpline 015255636 is there for advice and support

    Lipotrim response in order to clarify the route to diet success:

    Thank you Justine for the 5 star diet review. Indeed, the longer you maintain fully compliant on the total food replacement (no conventional foods whatsoever) the easier it gets. We strongly recommend completing the loss of excess weight using total replacement without deviation. Moving onto the maintenance programme, incorporating conventional foods, after the weight loss and refeeding will help maintain weight and offer the chance for minor weight adjustment. Remember our helpline 015255636 is there for advice and support

    Steve Fisher (via Facebook Comment)Lipotrim changed my life beyond recognition

    I used Lipotrim for a strict 12 weeks back in 2013 and lost a staggering 6 stones.

    I joined a gym where I met my wife and have since run 6 ultramarathons.

    Lipotrim changed my life beyond recognition, yes my weight fluctuates up and down by a couple of stones but I’ve never once come close to regaining all that weight 👌

    I lost 2stone 5lb in 6 weeks on lipotrim

    I've not gone on the refeeding program I do have a few shakes in the week for breakfasts just to keep me at my weight

    But let me tell you this diet is not for the faint hearted it's brutal you have to remember when you start it's a starvation diet

    you will in the first week possibly get a headache ( mine was only on and off for two days) but warn your nearest and dearest to keep Thier distance as I had a low tolerance for everyone in the first week .

    I think it was because I was in the zone and didn't want to think about food 🤪

    I was never hungry but I did crave food but I really really wanted the weight loss you have got to want to do it or don't waste your 💰

    good luck people I very highly recommend this diet I'm chuffed to be able to get into my smaller clothes again .

    D Smith Lipotrim Ireland Review on Trustpilot

    Maxine and Justin Reakes – GMTV 04 Feb 2010Now she's lost half her body weight!

    Super slimmers
    Last updated: 4 Feb 2010
    Maxine and Justin Reakes before their dramatic weight loss
    Meet the couple who've lost an amazing 15 stone between them

    GMTV wrote and shared online the following to accompany this programme spot:

    Husband and wife Maxine and Justin Reakes have lost an amazing 15 stone between them.

    Maxine, a 36-year-old housewife, weighed 22st at her heaviest and says she hardly had any energy.

    The mum-of-two used to gorge herself on two packets of biscuits, four bags of crisps, three bars of chocolate, a kebab and three large meals every day.

    Now she's lost half her body weight!

    Maxine's battle

    Maxine has been battling with her weight since she was 18, trying every fad diet.

    When she met Justin, 35, ten years ago, she weighed 16 stone but after having children, the weight piled on and Maxine ended up being a size 28 and finding it hard to do simple tasks without getting out of breath.

    She says: "I was desperately unhappy with the way I looked and felt, but I was obsessed with food. I thought constantly about my next meal and used to hide how much I was eating from my family. I would buy five bars of chocolate and eat them when I was out of the house. Then I would buy another five bars to take home to share."

    By December, 2008, Maxine had grown so large she could only just fasten the seat belt in her car.

    She says: "Getting out of the car was an effort and I would get breathless simply going up the stairs. Justin and I were bickering as I took out my frustration at being fat on him."

    Losing the weight

    Last year a friend advised Maxine to try Lipotrim, a food supplement available from the pharmacy. A low-calorie drink formula is taken in place of regular meals but it is nutritionally complete to ensure healthy weight loss. The results were dramatic.

    Maxine says: "Within six months I lost 11st, dropping from a size 28 to a size 12. The first two weeks of the diet were very difficult and, even though I lost 12lbs during the first seven days, I was very irritable. When I went out with friends I had to watch them enjoy dinner while I sipped water. But I soon got used to the diet - and the amazing effect it was having."

    Maxine slowly introduced normal foods back into her diet, sticking to three healthy meals a day and avoided sugary, high-calorie treats. To maintain her new figure Maxine also started doing a DVD workout three times a week and 100 sit-ups before bed.

    Justin's inspiration

    Watching Maxine transform to a svelte 11st inspired Justin, who is 6ft, to get in shape too. After joining Maxine on the diet he dropped from 18st to 14st in just three months.

    Justin says: "My job as a chef always made it hard to diet and for years I'd tried to lose weight in vain. Seeing Maxine's amazing change was a great boost and I lost a stone and a half in the first week. It was hard, but doing it together provided massive support. Once we saw results we both realised there was no way we wanted to go back to how we were before. I began cycling and going to the gym. Suddenly I had all this energy I never knew I could have.

    The only down side to Maxine's drastic weight loss was an apron of excess skin on her stomach. Last October she paid £4,695 to get it removed but Maxine says the operation was worth every penny.

    Maxine says: "My diet has changed beyond recognition. On a typical day, I eat a bowl of muesli for breakfast, a meal replacement bar for lunch and a jacket potato with tuna and salad for dinner. For so long I was desperately unhappy with the way I looked and felt but I couldn't beat my obsession with food. Now I feel completely changed and I'm much happier."

    I did lipotrim in 2010 and lost over 4 stone in 12 weeks, I kept the weight off for 3 years until I had my daughter.

    I signed up yesterday, so started again today and really looking forward to the challenge.

    It's not the easiest diet but it's worth it in the end.

    Main thing is to drink your water and space out your shakes. The hunger feeling does pass after a few days.

    Love the taste of the shake it is the best one I have had.

    Tracy Robinson Lipotrim UK review on Trustpilot



    I started the program a week ago I will be honest it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done

    I am hungry and feel weak please tell me this will pass I even felt sick today

    I’ve lost ten pounds which is amazing and I will continue with the program until I feel happy

    Because of the good weight loss I’ve been drinking water /black coffee but no more than allowed

    I wish there was a help line so I could ask a few questions ? The bag which the Shakes come in has a telephone number but it’s an Irish number and no longer Lipotrim office

    With the lock down I am struggling as the pharmacist is not available to chat too I’ll keep updating



    Thank you for the review and it is great to hear of your successful weight loss to date.

    The Lipotrim programme is designed so that you shouldn't feel week or excessively hungry. It may be that we can assist you to a more comfortable weight loss.

    You mention the need for a helpline.... We are here to support each and every Lipotrim dieter and do indeed have helplines:

    0800 413 735 UK or +44 (0) 1223 812 812 015 255 636 Ireland (local rate) and there is always our contact pages from our respective websites, Google and social media channels.

    It seems the bag you have received still carried our previous Republic of Ireland contact details but also the current UK numbers.

    If you have any questions please contact us for support and advice.

    Above all thank you again and best wishes for your successful weight loss using Lipotrim.


    Great Diet when in desperation mode and helpeded me big Time at the time I needed it…

    I had tried lipotrim back in 2006 /2007 for 6 months and lost 8.5 stone which was ideal as it was initially for a wedding following that I regained it all over next 2 yrs... I've tried it a few times since and had weight losses but never went at it properly since.... In 2017 I got weight loss surgery after yrs struggling I lost 15 stone over the last 3.5 yrs but I've seen 1.5 stone of regain so I'm thinking of trying lipotrim again for a month or 2 and the n the maintenance diet to trick my system into losing the rest of my weight
    Ciaran Keogh Trustpilot review Lipotrim UK

    Lipotrim's official response

    Thank you Ciaran for the positive and honest review of your successful experience with Lipotrim (and weight loss surgery).

    Indeed you have shown even bariatric surgery does not offer the same rate of weight loss as Lipotrim nor guarantee permanent weight loss.

    Your experience with surgery shows there is no "tricking the system" even with surgery being a permanent or semi-permanent "solution".

    For successful weight loss it is essential to maintain a long enough period of calorie intake below that needed by the individual for the weight to be lost whilst sustaining optimal nutrition intake. This is what Lipotrim excels at.

    The maintenance programme is definitely worth using long-term for you. It has a completely different approach, as it has a different job to do: 

    It is especially worth applauding your keeping up with trying to maintain the weight loss as we understand that excess weight can often be a chronic problem.

    Thank you again, keep positive and we are here to support you.

    Lipotrim reply to Ciaran Keogh Trustpilot review - Lipotrim UK

    Great service and speedy delivery, would highly recommend ordering Lipotrim if you cannot get it through your pharmacy in these strange times.

    Gareth and Sarah-Jane are both so helpful if you have any questions.

    Diane Rive Lipotrim UK Trustpilot review

    I have used lipotrim 4 times and lost a considerable amount of weight each time,
    The diet isn't for the softies or faint of heart as you do need a lot of self control and determination to reach your goal.
    The shakes give your body its complete daily intake of required nutrients Water intake is vital
    Follow it properly and stick with it and you can achieve great results.
    These diets have a bad rep because very few people follow the strict refeeding programme once they come off, don't change their habits and indeed bang all the weight back on. But what you have to understand is to maintain your new weight you cannot eat like you used to or you'll go back to your old weight with your old ways.
    If you see people piling the weight back on that is because of poor choices made by them, the diet hadn't failed it had done its job.
    The only failure is the person themselves.
    It's common sense. If you are not commited to a healthy lifestyle you cannot expect to have a healthy body.
    It works.
    Scott Edwards Lipotrim UK Trustpilot review (updated) 28 05 2020

    Lipotrim Works

    It is not easy. I have been on it for a week today and I have lost 13.4 lbs. Its funny but I cannot see a difference. I should maybe have taken a photo then and now. I would love someone to come up to me and say wow you have lost so much weight. I think I have to wait a while for that. My starting weight was 14st 13lb and I plan to get to 10st 7lb. I am hopeful!

    Since I went started it is like the TV and Radio know what I am at. All ads are about food and I want to eat. My favourite flavour is the chocolate. vanilla is tasteless to me. Strawberry flavour is ok.

    My husband is relegated to eating out on his way home or cooking for himself. I cannot do food smells because then I want to eat with him. Unfortunately it is very anti social in that regard. I cannot sit at a table and watch him eat. I didn't realise that the habit of cooking and eating a meal is lovely with him. I went to a party and just drank water. I so wanted to taste the food that was put out. I was offered food so many times but stayed strong. I was delighted when I left the house and hadn't eaten anything. It would be very easy to slip and you have to have a strong resolve.

    I personally think that portion sizes have gone mad. If I am out at a restaurant my meals can be very large and of course I empty the plate. Learning to stop before I am stuffed is my future plan. No more starters and deserts, far from that I was raised. I also see children eating huge adult size portions in restaurants and think this is very sad. When I think back to what my mum dished up to the family it now seems like a meagre serving. however it did us all and we never complained of being hungry.

    I would love to change my attitude toward food because I am a person who stress eats. I love food and I love grazing. Reading different things I may go vegetarian after this road trip.

    ooh I almost forgot. My breath. Oh dear it is awful, just horrific. My husband does not know if the dog or me has a worse breath. I am constantly brushing my teeth and am now keeping distance from people. Apparently that is because I am in ketosis or fat eating phase so I am not complaining, eat away.

    thats it for now, good luck to anyone trying this.

    stay safe


    Kez993 Trustpilot Lipotrim UK review

    Lipotrim helped me at a time when I needed it most. I was having difficulty losing weight and this took all the stress and thinking away for me. Does it work? Of course it does. What I never expected was that damage that is caused me not long after that & I am still suffering 10yrs on. Lipotrim rightly give you a refeeding plan. What it doesn’t inform you of is that the calorie deficit you experience during the weight loss (426 cals a day for 6 months) triggers your natural bodies defence systems .... known as metabolic adaptation (which can I be clear about doesn’t just apply to lipotrim, it’s any diet you undertake... it’s what you’ll know as the plateau). What I’m talking about is a extreme version of this plateau a devastating life consequence of a quick fix, that leaves lasting complications and is difficult to reverse depending on the severity. The metabolic adaption can incorporate nutritional thermogenic adaptation, which in turn creates a fitness tolerance beyond what most would consider a normal. It’s took nearly 5yrs for me to find out what’s wrong with me. Why I can’t maintain my weight, why I can manage on ridiculously low calories and still gain weight, and why I can train like an athlete but never seen any change. Lipotrim makes your bodies defence systems stronger ... you become very energy efficient (great if your a car) your BMR becomes lower than the general calculations out there, so if you want to lose weight again, you calories need to be even lower. Lower your calories!!! just reinforces the defence systems created by the calorific deficit experienced from the dramatic drop it encountered on the lipotrim... your body is trying to protect itself, from there on in storing every calorie regardless of how low you think you can safely go. You don’t just lose fat on lipotrim, you lose your lean muscle mass, you know the stuff that really burns the calories. I have now developed abdominal fat, which I never had before. Your storage not only changes but increases to preserve your life. It’s made the last 6 years of my life hell and I wish I’d never heard of it. Metabolic adaptation has only been noted in the last ten years here’s a quote from “fat loss forever” There are three main factors that will determine how strong the activation of the self-defense system will be: 1. The severity of the energy deficit. 2. How long the deficit is imposed. 3. How frequently the deficits are imposed. It’s important to clarify that not all diets have the same impact on this system. We don’t want you to be petrified of trying to lose weight, or to simply assume that any weight loss attempt is futile. They aren’t futile, but they need to be planned correctly and executed correctly, or there’s a high likelihood you’ll be no better off than when you started—or, in many cases, you’ll actually be worse off than when you started. Sadly this is me and I know I don’t stand alone. Does it work?? Of course ... at what price?? It has been too high for me. Speak to the lipotrim advisor they are always on hand to help, ask them directly can this happen, be informed before don’t have regrets.
    Lesa Mcclements trustpilot review Lipotrim UK 23 01 2020

    The Official Lipotrim response:

    Thank you Lesa for your review and we are sorry to hear you have struggled with your weight both before and after using Lipotrim successfully. Excess weight and obesity is indeed a chronic issue to which weight loss corrects only part. The ability to maintain weight at a correct level is the fundamental issue faced by all who carry excess weight and the difficulty already proven by the need to lose weight.
    We appreciate your concerns on weight loss as a whole, as you have stated your views relate to all diets. It is a shame that you have taken the course of action to single out Lipotrim using a Trustpilot review rather than discuss these issues in depth.
    The mass of dieting myths, pseudo-science and quackery is what we at Lipotrim attempt to tackle each and every day. Our fully trained healthcare professionals, pharmacists and GPs who oversee all Lipotrim patients, work hard to deliver weight loss and weight management success in a healthy manner, backed by science and research. Inherently, as healthcare professionals, we have a duty to also act as a reliable source of factual education.
    One irrefutable statement is that Lipotrim and other nutritionally complete, true VLCDs do not cause the body to lose lean body muscle. They are by definition protein sparing modified fasts, with safety and effectiveness proven and well documented in research covering many decades.
    It is well known that we have a “Diet mode” when losing weight, so metabolic changes are a recognised and potentially neutral aspect of weight loss, irrespective of dieting method. Metabolic adaptation is hypothesised to have a baring on an individual’s capability to maintain weight post weight loss but research has already shown that levels of metabolic adaptation may have previously been grossly overestimated. In any case a universal law of physics cannot be denied, that is “energy can neither be created nor destroyed”. Calories consumed are either used or stored and they cannot just appear without consumption.
    It is with regret that you may be basing your ideas on the publication “Fat Loss Forever” as quoted. We are sure the authors will be happy for the mention.
    Arguments such as these can resonate, especially for individuals like yourself who are struggling with excess weight over many years.
    Lipotrim is a true Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) and is governed by EU and British law. It is offered only by fully trained healthcare professionals.
    As you state positively, we are indeed here to answer each and every question regarding weight loss and obesity, using the expertise of our participating healthcare professionals and the Lipotrim team; including a registered Nutritional Biochemist, research scientist and pharmacist.
    We welcome any requests for information and references on research related to these topics – call +44 (0) 1223 812812.
    Alex P. ZolczynskiI love it

    I am on the diet again, and I love it

    Alex Trustpilot review Lipotrim UK July 2019

    Have so far lost nearly 4 stone

    Maureen Staite Trustpilot Lipotrim UK review

    C+D spoke to pharmacist Meera Hathi to discuss techniques for broaching the sensitive topic of weight losshow she thinks pharmacists should approach patients about weight loss

    C+D clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart spoke to Ms Hathi, pharmacist at Well Pharmacy in Kingsbury, London to discuss:

    • how she thinks pharmacists should approach patients about weight loss
    • how to overcome barriers to counselling patients about obesity
    • options available to patients who are struggling to manage their weight.

    "David Holden, 78 of Prestatyn, claims he has been cleared of Type 2 diabetes after losing 9.5 lbs to slim down to 14 stone 3.5 lbs."

    Please click on the link to read his full story in the Rhyl Prestatyn and Abergele Journal

    Over the last 27 years, I must have lost over 30 stones, putting it all back on again. I became the typical yo-yo dieter. I can be so single minded and focused, but the instant something doesn't go my way, all bets are off and I reach for my go to comfort food of cheese!

    After having a raging thirst for a couple of weeks, a nagging worry plagued me, so on 5th November I sneaked downstairs and tested my blood sugar on my husband's glucose monitor. The shock when I saw 16.6 on the screen was indescribable. I WAS DIABETIC and I was killing myself!

    That was the push I needed and my LIPOTRIM journey started right that minute. No thinking about it, no planning just straight in. My weight was exactly 18 stones, and I managed to squash my bulk into size 26 clothes. 24 weeks later I have lost over 7 stones and fit nicely into size 12. My BMI had dropped from morbidly obese down to healthy weight.

    I have reversed the diabetes, and my blood pressure is now well within the normal range.

    I managed Christmas/ New year period, 2 family birthday celebrations, a dinner party at home, Valentines day, Easter, lunch out with my mother ever Saturday and last Monday, my husband's birthday. It's taken so much grit and determination.

    Be under no illusion, this isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination - in fact it's probably the toughest thing I have ever done. I have never tried the flapjack bars so I can't comment on those. The shakes are fine, the volume of water can be challenging, but its a good habit to get into Peppermint tea is nice for a change and I've started to drink my black coffee quite weak, but I've never felt unwell, have so much energy and in a much nicer person - when I was big, I really didn't like myself and took it out on everyone around me Being completely blunt, constipation can be an issue, but a couple of senna sorts things like that out (Sorry if that's TMI)

    Would I recommend lipotrim? In a heartbeat - but only if you are serious about losing weight and prepared to make the sacrifices

    Does it work? Absolutely, if you stick to it 100%

    Weldricks Pharmacy Dunscroft – Amy’s storyLipotrim review on Weldricks Pharmacy Facebook page

    Weldricks pharmacy Facebook review - 2019 Lipotrim giveaway

    A.C. – a Weldricks Pharmacy patientSo pleased to have found the lipotrim plan

    “So pleased to have found the lipotrim plan, I have tried so many diets and struggled in the past! It was so much easier than I expected and found that I had so much energy! This is just the start of my journey but i now feel determined that I can do it and feel so much better for losing the weight. Thank you.”

    Very helpful staff...

    Been on it before years ago's brilliant..👌⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Andrea Macaulay Lipotrim review Trustpilot

    A wonderful message from a Lipotrim patient of ours. My pharmacy team are just amazing!

    #winningpharmacyteam #winningpharmacypatient

    Letter showing Lipotrim review from patient of Buxted pharmacy

    Michelle – via a Facebook post

    I weighed in yesterday at my local pharmacy after six days on the plan....and I was gobsmacked to have lost 11½lbs!!!

    Absolutely stoked and cannot wait to see the results for next week.

    Gareth Evans MRPharmS – Lipotrim pharmacistWaistawayUK

    In 2017 Gareth added this Review on the Lipotrim Facebook page:

    I've offered Lipotrim as a Pharmacist for over 10 years and have gained some excellent results for my patients. One current patient has lost 50kg to date (Oct 2016 to May 2017) and is feeling the benefit so much she is not using her wheelchair routinely.

    Professionally run and predictable results, Lipotrim offers the Pharmacist an excellent programme to gain clinically significant results, whilst the patient gains from the professional knowledge of the Pharmacist and the long term help and advice to keep their weight off.

    Hana – Lipotrim Patient & pre diet type 2 diabetes sufferer

    Dear Lipotrim

    I have just received a medical report from my diabetes doctors and I am so thankful to your diet programme that I want to share my experience with you in the hope it will encourage others.

    My type 2 diabetes has been with me for more than 25 years and it felt like a life sentence on my health. I would sleep with it, wake up with it and was depressed for so long. I was on the search for a cure for my diabetes and thank God I found Lipotrim.

    Every time I would attend hospital appointments they would prescribe me with endless amounts of drugs. I was finally prescribed insulin and was not happy with that because I knew about the side effects (such as gaining weight). I had been taking several drugs which did not appear to be improving my condition and I was quite overweight. My Doctors approved my attempting the Lipotrim programme and also approved my stopping all the drugs except metformin while dieting. This was necessary for starting the Lipotrim weight loss programme.

    Lipotrim explained that my blood sugar should come down quickly and the drugs were not needed. It did!

    Within the first week on Lipotrim, my blood sugars dropped very close to normal for the first time in 25 years and have remained normal ever since - even after the refeeding week and going back to ordinary foods.

    I was on the diet for 3 months and have been eating carefully for another 3 months.

    I urge other sufferers of diabetes to please seek and search Lipotrim, it really is a lifesaving programme. This programme cured me and it could prevent so many others who suffer from diabetes, who're prone to blindness, loss of limbs and organ failure.

    Prior to starting the programme my HBA1c results were 11.4% however they have now reduced to a healthy 7.5%. My loss of weight and my normal bloods have been praised by my Doctors. I can't tell you how pleased I am and I hope you will share my excitement with other diabetes sufferers.

    This has honestly helped me so much and has given me a new lease of life. I highly recommend this programme and I would love to "kiss your feet"!

    Yours enthusiastically


    Joyce – using Lipotrim at Newport Pharmacy in PembrokeshireI succeeded in losing five stone using Lipotrim and felt great.

    In 1988 my health at that time was at an all time low with Arthritis, Rheumatism and autoimmune problems. This was to the extent of not been able to go up stairs.

    I succeeded in losing five stone using Lipotrim and felt great.

    I really felt well and had more energy on the Lipotrim diet and even after just a couple of weeks my body was much improved.

    After 5 months I came off the diet and kept my weight steady for the next 4 to 5 years feeling really well.

    Then one Sunday morning we went out. On our return I had a big flare-up of my condition and struggled to get out of the car. From then till now, with every flare-up came more weight and it has piled on.

    I have now had 3 new joints and a few emergency stays in hospital (mostly UTI's, low sodium, and Sepsis). It is now that I have time to clear my problems and get my life back.

    A week of lipotrim and I have had no ill effects, while losing 8lbs. I am on way to being 5 Stone lighter again.