Feedback – Lipotrim reviews

Feedback - Lipotrim Reviews


We are proud to have helped many people over the years to lose weight, and gain long term control over their weight.

Please take the time to read through the following reviews, testimonials and feedback from Lipotrim clients, and from the pharmacies who are integral to the Lipotrim Pharmacy Weight Management Programme.

We invite you to send in your weight management story so others can benefit from your Lipotrim weight loss experience.

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The Lipotrim team

Alex P. ZolczynskiI love it

I am on the diet again, and I love it

Alex Trustpilot review Lipotrim UK July 2019

Have so far lost nearly 4 stone

Maureen Staite Trustpilot Lipotrim UK review

C+D spoke to pharmacist Meera Hathi to discuss techniques for broaching the sensitive topic of weight losshow she thinks pharmacists should approach patients about weight loss

C+D clinical editor Kristoffer Stewart spoke to Ms Hathi, pharmacist at Well Pharmacy in Kingsbury, London to discuss:

  • how she thinks pharmacists should approach patients about weight loss
  • how to overcome barriers to counselling patients about obesity
  • options available to patients who are struggling to manage their weight.

"David Holden, 78 of Prestatyn, claims he has been cleared of Type 2 diabetes after losing 9.5 lbs to slim down to 14 stone 3.5 lbs."

Please click on the link to read his full story in the Rhyl Prestatyn and Abergele Journal

Over the last 27 years, I must have lost over 30 stones, putting it all back on again. I became the typical yo-yo dieter. I can be so single minded and focused, but the instant something doesn't go my way, all bets are off and I reach for my go to comfort food of cheese!

After having a raging thirst for a couple of weeks, a nagging worry plagued me, so on 5th November I sneaked downstairs and tested my blood sugar on my husband's glucose monitor. The shock when I saw 16.6 on the screen was indescribable. I WAS DIABETIC and I was killing myself!

That was the push I needed and my LIPOTRIM journey started right that minute. No thinking about it, no planning just straight in. My weight was exactly 18 stones, and I managed to squash my bulk into size 26 clothes. 24 weeks later I have lost over 7 stones and fit nicely into size 12. My BMI had dropped from morbidly obese down to healthy weight.

I have reversed the diabetes, and my blood pressure is now well within the normal range.

I managed Christmas/ New year period, 2 family birthday celebrations, a dinner party at home, Valentines day, Easter, lunch out with my mother ever Saturday and last Monday, my husband's birthday. It's taken so much grit and determination.

Be under no illusion, this isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination - in fact it's probably the toughest thing I have ever done. I have never tried the flapjack bars so I can't comment on those. The shakes are fine, the volume of water can be challenging, but its a good habit to get into Peppermint tea is nice for a change and I've started to drink my black coffee quite weak, but I've never felt unwell, have so much energy and in a much nicer person - when I was big, I really didn't like myself and took it out on everyone around me Being completely blunt, constipation can be an issue, but a couple of senna sorts things like that out (Sorry if that's TMI)

Would I recommend lipotrim? In a heartbeat - but only if you are serious about losing weight and prepared to make the sacrifices

Does it work? Absolutely, if you stick to it 100%

Weldricks Pharmacy Dunscroft – Amy’s storyLipotrim review on Weldricks Pharmacy Facebook page

Weldricks pharmacy Facebook review - 2019 Lipotrim giveaway

A.C. – a Weldricks Pharmacy patientSo pleased to have found the lipotrim plan

“So pleased to have found the lipotrim plan, I have tried so many diets and struggled in the past! It was so much easier than I expected and found that I had so much energy! This is just the start of my journey but i now feel determined that I can do it and feel so much better for losing the weight. Thank you.”

Very helpful staff...

Been on it before years ago's brilliant..👌⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Andrea Macaulay Lipotrim review Trustpilot

A wonderful message from a Lipotrim patient of ours. My pharmacy team are just amazing!

#winningpharmacyteam #winningpharmacypatient

Letter showing Lipotrim review from patient of Buxted pharmacy

Michelle – via a Facebook post

I weighed in yesterday at my local pharmacy after six days on the plan....and I was gobsmacked to have lost 11½lbs!!!

Absolutely stoked and cannot wait to see the results for next week.

Gareth Evans MRPharmS – Lipotrim pharmacistWaistawayUK

In 2017 Gareth added this Review on the Lipotrim Facebook page:

I've offered Lipotrim as a Pharmacist for over 10 years and have gained some excellent results for my patients. One current patient has lost 50kg to date (Oct 2016 to May 2017) and is feeling the benefit so much she is not using her wheelchair routinely.

Professionally run and predictable results, Lipotrim offers the Pharmacist an excellent programme to gain clinically significant results, whilst the patient gains from the professional knowledge of the Pharmacist and the long term help and advice to keep their weight off.

Hana – Lipotrim Patient & pre diet type 2 diabetes sufferer

Dear Lipotrim

I have just received a medical report from my diabetes doctors and I am so thankful to your diet programme that I want to share my experience with you in the hope it will encourage others.

My type 2 diabetes has been with me for more than 25 years and it felt like a life sentence on my health. I would sleep with it, wake up with it and was depressed for so long. I was on the search for a cure for my diabetes and thank God I found Lipotrim.

Every time I would attend hospital appointments they would prescribe me with endless amounts of drugs. I was finally prescribed insulin and was not happy with that because I knew about the side effects (such as gaining weight). I had been taking several drugs which did not appear to be improving my condition and I was quite overweight. My Doctors approved my attempting the Lipotrim programme and also approved my stopping all the drugs except metformin while dieting. This was necessary for starting the Lipotrim weight loss programme.

Lipotrim explained that my blood sugar should come down quickly and the drugs were not needed. It did!

Within the first week on Lipotrim, my blood sugars dropped very close to normal for the first time in 25 years and have remained normal ever since - even after the refeeding week and going back to ordinary foods.

I was on the diet for 3 months and have been eating carefully for another 3 months.

I urge other sufferers of diabetes to please seek and search Lipotrim, it really is a lifesaving programme. This programme cured me and it could prevent so many others who suffer from diabetes, who're prone to blindness, loss of limbs and organ failure.

Prior to starting the programme my HBA1c results were 11.4% however they have now reduced to a healthy 7.5%. My loss of weight and my normal bloods have been praised by my Doctors. I can't tell you how pleased I am and I hope you will share my excitement with other diabetes sufferers.

This has honestly helped me so much and has given me a new lease of life. I highly recommend this programme and I would love to "kiss your feet"!

Yours enthusiastically


Joyce – using Lipotrim at Newport Pharmacy in PembrokeshireI succeeded in losing five stone using Lipotrim and felt great.

In 1988 my health at that time was at an all time low with Arthritis, Rheumatism and autoimmune problems. This was to the extent of not been able to go up stairs.

I succeeded in losing five stone using Lipotrim and felt great.

I really felt well and had more energy on the Lipotrim diet and even after just a couple of weeks my body was much improved.

After 5 months I came off the diet and kept my weight steady for the next 4 to 5 years feeling really well.

Then one Sunday morning we went out. On our return I had a big flare-up of my condition and struggled to get out of the car. From then till now, with every flare-up came more weight and it has piled on.

I have now had 3 new joints and a few emergency stays in hospital (mostly UTI's, low sodium, and Sepsis). It is now that I have time to clear my problems and get my life back.

A week of lipotrim and I have had no ill effects, while losing 8lbs. I am on way to being 5 Stone lighter again.