Coronavirus – Weight loss advice during an epidemic

The sudden emergence of Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has swept around the world. Suddenly, it is making us obsessed, possibly dramatically, with infectious disease.

Increasingly, very large numbers of people, all around the world, are becoming infected with this COVID-19 virus and some are dying. Additional to the official UK government coronavirus advice, the following weight loss advice can be extended to all epidemics.

Coronavirus - weight loss advice during an epidemic

For many people it is their pre-existing health condition and possibly their age that will determine whether the outcome of any exposure to infectious disease will be benign, as annoying as a bad cold, or fatal. It is indeed very scary, especially for those within the areas most affected.

Politicians and media are rife with their Coronavirus stories. Meanwhile, supermarket and pharmacy shelves are being decimated of all things anti-bacterial, from anti-bac wipes to anti-bacterial alcohol gel. Hand-washing, impeccable hygiene and avoiding personal contact where possible have pivotal roles in preventing the spread of Coronavirus but what else can we do?

Coronavirus advice - hand-washing & anti-bacterial gel, hygiene and avoiding contact

The role of nutrition in immunity

It is extremely well documented that nutritional status has a vital role in determining the outcome of pathogen exposure. Both bacteria and viruses are defended against by our immune systems. The human body immune defences can be amazingly efficient so long as they are adequately equipped.

Deficiencies and even excesses of almost any nutrient can compromise our immune system. There are no super-nutrients. Proper, balanced nutrition can be critical for optimizing our immune response and at worst put our survival at risk.

We cannot overcompensate a nutritional deficiency with an excess of another nutritional component. For example, a tonne of vitamin C will not compensate for a deficiency of selenium. In this scenario the immune system will still likely struggle.

The following research is just one of many thousands of papers proving nutrition’s strong link to immunity:


J Leukoc Biol. 2002 Jan;71(1):16-32.

Nutrients and their role in host resistance to infection.

Field CJ1Johnson IRSchley PD.

Almost all nutrients in the diet play a crucial role in maintaining an "optimal" immune response, such that deficient and excessive intakes can have negative consequences on immune status and susceptibility to a variety of pathogens. Iron and vitamin A deficiencies and protein-energy malnutrition are highly prevalent worldwide and are important to the public health in terms of immunocompetence.

Dieting & weight loss can affect your immune system

The potential for an impending Coronavirus epidemic and pandemic means this is no time to play games with your health. Celebrities and influencers giving amateur diet advice must be ignored for good reason.

In times of a viral epidemic or from any other pathogen, if you have a healthy BMI and are not needing to lose excess weight all the better.


Lipotrim BMI chart


Obesity itself plays a negative part in your ability to fight off infections.

Evidence points to obesity as prolonging the time taken to shed the flu virus (Infectious Diseases Society of America) so action is ideally needed within much of the population irrespective of the current epidemic source.

Coronavirus advice for those choosing to lose weight or who are currently dieting

Let’s start with the mantra “eat less and exercise more”.

It is unlikely to work quickly, if at all, but in ordinary circumstances this advice will not do much harm. However, in the face of exposure to an infectious agent, such as Coronavirus, this advice can seriously reduce your immunity.

Why? Simply because we require a complete intake of essential nutrition to maintain our nutritional health and this is easily compromised when eating less. Our nutrient requirement is not optional. A weight loss diet, using only conventional, unfortified foods and containing the ideal amounts of all the essential nutrients needed to nourish our body and immune system is very difficult to construct. The more food is restricted, the more impossible the task gets. Reduce calorie intake with normal foods below 1200 calories and nutritional completeness becomes impossible.

Coronavirus advice - optimal nutrition maintains immune system - Lipotrim

A random intake of nutrition, whether vitamins, minerals, trace elements, or the macronutrients; fats, protein and carbs, can also induce health imbalance.

Even a perfect nutrient intake may not protect under all circumstances, but it is well known that imperfect nutrient intake can seriously reduce protection from infectious disease.

It is worth pointing out here that the nutritional status following obesity surgery is potentially no different. Weight loss operations are intended to produce a “controlled” malnutrition. As we have said previously you cannot just throw in a random set of nutrients to compensate, such as a multivitamin, and hope for nutritional health.

That is why we recommend Lipotrim for weight loss.

Lipotrim is unique and offers the chance for safe, effective and very healthy weight loss.

Let us explain….

Lipotrim is importantly only provided by healthcare professionals. Our participating doctors and pharmacists have had the training to understand the nutritional biochemistry involved. They are also ideally placed to manage existing medical conditions, even in the face of a viral epidemic, such as Coronavirus. This level of knowledge and accessibility is unrivalled.

The Lipotrim diet is a NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE formula, right down to all the trace elements. It may be impossible to attain nutritional completeness each and every day using only conventional foods for weight loss, but it is all there at the right levels in every one of the Lipotrim meals.

In fact, dieters using the Lipotrim formulas are highly likely to top the list of the most nourished people in any population.

Key to health - Lipotrim diet

There is no shortage of evidence promoting the role of nutrition in our health, especially our body’s defence systems. Food restriction can compromise your immunity unless you can be sure that your calorie restriction does not compromise your nutritional status.

Trust the advice and nutrition support afforded to you by your local, participating Lipotrim pharmacist or GP.

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