Can cheating on your diet improve weight loss?

Although we have posted this already we wanted to make sure it is fully understood, especially in this new lockdown, that cheating on your diet is very rarely advisable.

Although some traditional diets advocate snacking and/or some element of cheating, we strongly recommend you don’t.

With traditional diets rarely producing significant weight loss, this advice to cheat on your diet may well be inconsequential.

However, for true and significant weight loss results, NOT CHEATING is critical when following the Lipotrim weight management programme.

From 35 years of real weight loss experience by healthcare professionals, both doctors and pharmacists, we have learned that the Healthline advice to cheat will almost always assure dieting failure.

Why do we need strict dieting?

The problem for seriously overweight people is much greater than can be achieved by the constantly repeated mantra to “eat less and exercise more”.

There are currently about 40 million overweight adults in England and the number is going up rapidly. The many serious health problems associated with this excess weight, including the recent experience of excess deaths from covid19, highlights the need for accurate weight management advice. Cheating on the Lipotrim diet, as with any diet, is a major mistake.

Recommending cheating on a diet demonstrates a profound ignorance of the nature of the overweight problem.

The drive to get food is one of our most powerful biological drives. If it were not so, humanity would have been eliminated many centuries ago.

Human addiction to food helped us historically

Before supermarkets, obtaining food usually meant a winner-takes-all battle with a creature that wanted us for its dinner.

Fighting a hungry sabre-toothed tiger could not have been fun.


It appears that the brain pathways our body uses to stimulate the drive to get food corresponds with those associated with substance abuse addictions. Unfortunately, there is a concerning hesitancy to acknowledge food as addictive.

To successfully treat obesity, it is necessary to assume that we are essentially dealing with an addictive behaviour. Akin to dealing with almost all addictions and deep-seated behaviours, obesity responds very positively to abstinence, or as near to food abstinence as we can safely get. We say “as near to” because it is vital for health to ensure all essential nutrients are supplied to the body. Lipotrim is nutrient complete.

treating obesity is akin to treating any addiction such as alcoholism

It is well understood that a reformed alcoholic can never have a drink without a very substantial risk of relapse, or recidivism. Be warned, diet cheats are no less risky.

Lipotrim requires strict adherence to a protocol of absolute abstinence from ordinary foods. The fantastic record of sustained adherence to the diet, with appropriate weight losses that have been documented in published scientific literature, confirms this premise.

The health of the nation depends upon stopping wilful weight loss sabotage by so-called experts, who advocate cheating on your diet.

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