What is the best Christmas present? Weight loss

It is open to debate what the best Christmas present is. The internet will be crammed with top 10 lists, a plethora of the "Best Christmas" things.

Are you wishing for a hug from all the family? Unfortunately, not this Christmas.

Christmas 2020, although a time for giving, is not the time to dismiss health risks and see the coronavirus as just a barrier to our festive celebrations. It can  impede our joy for years to come. For many people, this virus can be lethal.

Maybe in these challenging times the best Christmas present 2020 is to just stay healthy and alive.

Do you remember the festive adverts explaining pets are not just for Christmas?

Unlike a pet that will bring years of joy, Covid-19 if contracted may prove the complete opposite. The unwanted effects can last for many months for those lucky enough to survive. Coronavirus can be easily added to the top of the list of unwanted Christmas presents in 2020.

There are currently many actions that are being employed, including the newly approved covid vaccines, in order to lower the risk of contracting COVID19 in the UK.

Hand washing, mask-wearing and social distancing are all very worthy, but do not deal with those unfortunate enough to get infected by the virus this Christmas.

Those most at risk of Covid is well documented, including those who are carrying significant excess body weight and the obese.

A recent article, among very many making a similar point, should be taken seriously.  People fret about gluten and artificial sweeteners when there is no real need.  Weight, however, can be a life threatening issue. Action is needed now.

Lipotrim could be the best Christmas present 2020

Even people who aren’t obese may be more likely to become seriously ill when infected with the coronavirus, the C.D.C. said.

Surprisingly, the risk of being overweight was even greater than that linked to obesity. Overweight patients were 40 percent more likely to die than healthy-weight patients, while obese patients were at 30 percent greater risk, compared with the healthy-weight patients.

The findings clearly demonstrated an increased risk of severe Covid-19 in anyone with a B.M.I. of 25 or above, according to the authors of the study, Dr. Mohamed Rami Nakeshbandi, an assistant professor of infectious diseases at SUNY Downstate Health Science University, and Rohan Maini, a medical student.

Therefore, this Christmas spare an extra thought for your health and wellbeing when partaking in an extra portion of Christmas pudding. There is a simple action that will highly likely reduce the serious consequences of the coronavirus infection....

Losing weight.

Yes, overweight and obesity can be reduced.

There is no time to deal with the nonsense of “slow weight loss”. Real and safe weight loss rates of a stone a month for women and a stone and a half for men is available and can be implemented now with the help of many UK pharmacists.

Lipotrim has been available through healthcare professionals: doctors and pharmacists for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, the current pandemic has made it more difficult for some pharmacists to carry out their extra extended services, including weight management. In response, Lipotrim has set up a temporary mechanism through the Lipotrim online shop  for people to get essential access to our safe and effective weight loss programme.

We ask you to encourage your pharmacy to help you lose weight now, before you might be unfortunate enough to test positive for covid19. If they are not prepared yet to resume this critical service, get in touch with Lipotrim directly and we can assist.

The most serious effects of this coronavirus seem to be with overweight people. Take advantage of this significantly altered Christmas time and seriously consider your weight and health.

Who knows, rapid weight loss could be the best Christmas present ever.

Make Lipotrim your New Year’s resolution.

Please have a safe and healthy Christmas 2020!

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