Bank of calories – spend calories quickly to tackle obesity

There are some people who are multi-billionaires. 

Although their excess pounds are in sterling, not body weight, they are essentially obese with money.

The over-wealthy have daily expenses just like the rest of us. However, if for some reason they had to forgo new income for a few weeks, they would be unlikely to take a part time job to pay for these expenses. Their stores of money in the bank can be easily mobilised to cover that deficit caused by their expenses. Simple until the stored money runs out, but in the end, they are billionaires. They can carry on without much issue for a long time.

obese are carrying a bank of calories like a billionaire

Let’s compare this analogy to the tackling of excess body weight and obesity.

People with excess body weight, especially the obese, have a massive number of excessive calories in the fat banks of their body. They are essentially calorie billionaires.

The bank of calories stored can become quite staggering,

at around 56,700 Kcal for each stone of excess weight.

Losing significant amounts of excess weight requires us to spend quite a bit of our stored calories “from the body’s bank account”.

The “experts” don’t appear to understand that body fat is a very large storage bank of calories.

The encouragement to consume unnecessary calories when trying to lose weight is the equivalent of the billionaire taking a part time job.

"So why eat any food at all whilst losing weight? Don't we have more than enough calories already?"

It is critical for health to understand why eating a few calories is absolutely necessary while dieting.

Our fat is a store of energy that, in a time of calorie deficit, will provide us with all of the fuel we require, plus many fatty acids (both essential and non-essential). Unfortunately, our fat is not a storage site for vitamins, minerals, trace elements or essential amino acids. These we must eat, contributing to a small background requirement for some calories.

To hammer home the point, these calories are absolutely not required for energy purposes when losing weight.

“Does this mean if I only eat the absolute minimum calories from the nutrients that are necessary to guarantee health, I’ll lose my weight more quickly?”

Yes it does.

We must always eat enough essential nutrients.

There is no injection or any pill that can do this for us.

Using conventional foods as our sole intake, as required for traditional diets, means our calories can never be reduced enough to get great weight losses while getting the necessary nutrition.

Chicken salad - not nutritionally complete for safe weight loss alone

The classic "diet food" of chicken and salad, for example, will not be nutritionally complete enough to sustain health and dieting success.

So what if, for period of time, we use some of our banked fat for calories, whilst exclusively eating a mixture of the needed vitamins, minerals and trace elements along with just enough high quality protein to supply the essential amino acids and an appropriate source of essential fatty acids?

  • We know we have everything needed to keep us healthy.
  • We have all the calories we could conceivably spend.
  • We can do this whilst having eaten only around 417 calories (females) or 530 calories (males).

Under these specially designed conditions we have maximum weight loss, ideal nutrition and many health improvements. It is well understood that excess weight contributes to a long list of weight-related medical problems, most of which, like type 2 diabetes benefit tremendously from rapid weight loss.

There is also benefit for those obese dieters who are often showing behaviours akin to being addicted to components of traditional foods. A period away from an addicting substance can usually provide relief from the power of an addiction.


That is what to expect from Lipotrim.

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  1. Can I not do this diet without pharmacy help

    1. We are, as a result of the issues COvid-19 has brought everyone, helping those unable to access support from their local Lipotrim pharmacy to obtain the programme direct through ourselves. To start the process please email your request for direct support to or call us on +44 (0) 1223 812 812.

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